So that’s a big question, but one we care deeply about because any answer to it reveals our purpose.

Here’s what we think.  We think we’re here to make things better.  Specifically, New Forest Film Co has the aim of making film and TV better.

What’s wrong?  Incredible, heart-racing, heart-warming, heart-stopping, technically groundbreaking films and TV series are made every year, and there’s loads of them, and we get to take them everywhere.  It’s a golden age. Isn’t it?

Well, we’re convinced that the industry can and should do better.  Here are the two biggest reasons why:

First and foremost (and the reason our aim is “to make film and TV better” rather than “to make better film and TV”) is that we believe there’s a better way, a better framework, a better process for producing stories.  The hierarchies in the industry are too narrow and too rigid. This means that the diversity of stories that get made and the diversity of those who get to tell them are extremely constricted. That’s a big enough problem to tackle, but the particularly acute concentration of decision makers in the film and TV industry also brings with it stupidity (decisions made at a very great distance from the coal face) and abuse of power (more accurately and more simply described as abuse).

Second, we think something should be done about the state of affairs that William Goldman famously described in his book Adventures in the Screen Trade:

Nobody knows anything...... Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work.  Every time out it's a guess and, if you're lucky, an educated one.

This is a problem made worse by the existence of a narrow hierarchy, but the question of what’s going to work and how certain you can be about that is very clearly a question that is ultimately answered by the audience.  Unless the audience is asked then the people in the entirety of the motion picture field are making it up, fumbling in the dark, taking staggering risk.

So that’s it. New Forest Film Co exists to make film and TV better by creating a process that deals with the problems of hierarchy and risk.

Wish us luck!