Gandhi said that, and we believe it’s true.

The values we share at New Forest Film Co are there to help us improve our stories and the way we make them, but they’re also there to help us improve ourselves.

There are 6 of them:

1. We listen to our audiences

We don’t sit in ivory towers; we don’t pretend we know everything; we’re humble when we show what we’ve created to people; we learn from what we’re told; and we take responsibility for building a lasting relationship with our audiences.

2. We trust our teams

Our films and TV series are made by the team and we can never forget that; ideas must be sought from everyone; we celebrate experience and we celebrate fresh thinking; we’re not dictators, we’re leaders.

3. We are curious

We never just do it because we want to make sure we’re bettering ourselves all the time; we’re always interested in research; we’re always asking questions; we carry out all kinds of crazy experiments to see what works best.

4. We are passionate

This is not just a job for us, because we’re not just our jobs; we put everything we’ve got into all aspects of our lives; we help each other better ourselves; we don’t give up easily, but we know when to.

5. We are candid

We are honest with each other, and kind with it; we look the reality of what we have and haven’t achieved; we create tests if we’re unsure about anything; we’ll take empirical evidence over opinion any day of the week.

6. We aim for astonishing

We always do our best work, there are no half measures; if the audience ought to cry then we need to make sure the audience cries; we would like everyone to be talking our films and TV series because they genuinely love what we’ve made.

There are two additional principles about the way we apply our values which are that we never fear failure and we try and constantly improve ourselves. We don’t believe you can improve without failure, and we’re very cool with that.

These are the values which will become our destiny.